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Tata Steel Centenary Celebrations
Tata Steel Centenary Memorabilia






Welcome 2008  
It's time to herald the New Year once again. Keeping in mind the completion of a glorious century of our presence, we have created some goodies for the New Year. A desktop e-calendar highlighting the most splendid landmarks of the past 100 years along with some remarkable E-cards for 2008 are here for you to download!
Tatasteel Centenary Anthem  

The Tata Steel Anthem is an inspirational tune that binds the organization and it's people in a single chord. A song, sung in melodies unheard is a saga of the success and tune of celebration.

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Tata Steel Centenary Screensaver  
Photographs and videos, in the form of screensavers, which capture the mood of the Centenary celebrations along with the vivid imagery of the various facets of the Company, to add to the offerings of memorabilia.
Tata Steel Centenary Wallpapers  
Portrayed in the form of attractive wallpapers are some of the vivid imageries that give a holistic impression of Tata Steel - the Company and its community.






Tata Steel Centenary Book Reviews
Completion of hundred glorious years certainly calls for celebrations. Press reports, snippets, articles, book reviews and letters of appreciation that follow in its wake are various ways of rejoicing and acknowledging the achievements this Enterprise. Convergence is a collection of such articles and reviews, which have been written for an organization, that believes in sustainability by serving its stakeholders.
Tata Steel Centenary Ringtones
A celebration that connects you better. These ringtones shall sing the glory of success everywhere you go.


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