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Tata Steel’s Microsite gets a huge response

~www.tatasteel100.com launched on August 26, 2007~

Tata Steel completed 100 years of glorious existence on August 26, 2007 following the philosophy and principles propounded by its Founder - Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. To commemorate its centenary year, to celebrate the pride of completing 100 years...to rejoice on reaching newer heights in the last 10 decades, Mr. B Muthuraman launched the Centenary Website - www.tatasteel100.com. This interactive site, which traces the chronological journey of Tata Steel through the last 100 years has gained instant popularity with people. In the last two days, the microsite has recorded a 'hit count' of 70809 with 28,935 on August 26, 2007 and 41,874 on August 27, 2007.

The Centenary Microsite has been created with the objective of communicating the rich heritage of Tata Steel which is now present in 24 different countries and has almost 84,000 employees. The idea behind the Microsite was sharing with the people not only the history of the company, but also highlighting the events that will be carried out during the centenary year. It will act as a common platform for everybody across the World to bond and network with one another and share their feelings and wishes with Tata Steel.

This user friendly site has features like 'Landmarks' which traces significant internal events of the Steel Company, 'Snapshots' that depicts 100 momentous external happenings and 'Showreels' has corporate videos created by Tata Steel that showcase the legend of the Company. 'Glimpses from the Past' is a photo gallery that captures the 100-year long journey and 'Advertisements', displays print and electronic advertisements of the company over the last ten decades.

In addition to these unique and innovative features, the microsite also contains extensive information on the men who have steered the company to greater levels of success in the past and also those who continue to do so even today through their expertise, experience and knowledge. While the sections 'Pioneers' and 'Vanguards', focus on the profiles of J N Tata, J R D Tata and Dorabji Tata and the leaders who have contributed significantly to the growth and prosperity of the company, 'Leaders Today' portrays the present leaders. The Centenary Microsite also includes features, like 'Employee Community' which is an interface for the employees to reach out to one another across all centres. 'Story of Steel' outlines the evolution of the steel-making process. 'Steelmaking through the Ages' is a unique section containing flash based films on the development of the Blast furnace and Steel Melting Shop. The site also has provisions wherein it can communicate to its employees, the various forthcoming events that are planned to celebrate the Centenary. The 'Centenary Guide', contains sections of 'Events Guide', a chronology of all the activities during this phase and 'Centenary Initiatives', a chapter of the company's CSR activities. A video, audio and text of the speeches of the company's Chairman, Mr Ratan Tata and the Managing Director, Mr B Muthuraman on this occasion can be viewed by everybody across the Globe.

The microsite also encourages viewers to participate through the section 'Share A Story', 'Centenary Wishes' and 'Impressions' and extend their regards to the 100 year old Steel Company. Through 'Impressions' which is an interactive drawing board, the viewer can articulate his views on Tata Steel.

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