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Tata Steel Centenary Celebrations
History of Tata Steel
Foundation Stone of Tata Steel
The Foundation Stone


» History – Tata Steel
» The birth of a pioneer
» In search of steel
» The long journey
» In Search of Success
» Light at the end of the tunnel
» The spirit stays on
» The steel saga
» Going on stream
» On track
» Hard times
» Towards self-sufficiency
» An era of growth
» More than a family
» Making men of steel
» Ahead of times
» Sakchi - a dream come true
» A model town
» The many faces of care
» A social conscience

More than a family

At the very outset, it was intended that a family of enterprises be formed. The Steel Company would provide the basic materials of the industry and the others would process the steel into more advanced products. After the great slump of 1930 many companies that survived the storm constituted a conglomerate of Tata enterprises such as Tata Agrico, Tata-Robins-Fraser, The Tinplate Company of India Ltd., Tata-Yodogawa, Tata Refractories Ltd. etc. Each of these companies formed in collaboration with foreign giants made significant contributions in the development of Industrial India.

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