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Tata Steel Centenary Celebrations <font style="font face=Verdana" face="Verdana" size="2"> <h1 align="center">Tata Steel Landmarks </h1> <p>Tata Steel was established almost hundred years ago. It has evolved ever since to reach the pinnacle of success where it stands today with pride. We present to you &#8216;<b>Landmarks</b>&#8217;- these are the significant milestones in the company&#8217;s journey towards <b>Industrial Harmony</b>. </p> <ul> <li><b>1882: </b> <u><b><br>Von Schwartzs Report<br></b></u> At the age of 43, <b>Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata</b> read a report by a <b>German geologist, Ritter Von Schwartz </b>on the availability of <b>iron ore in Chanda District</b> in the Central Provinces, which gave him the idea of giving India a steel plant.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>14 Nov. 1900:</b> <u><b><br>Jamshetji visited Secretary of State in England<br></b></u> Jamshetji was in England seeing the Secretary of State for India, Lord George Hamilton. He decided to build a <b>steel plant in India</b>. <br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>24 Feb 1904:</b> <u><b><br>P.N. Bose&#8217;s Information<br></b></u><b> P.N. Bose, an Indian Geologist</b> who discovered the<b> lofty Gorumahisani hills</b> with its <b>input storehouse of iron-ore,</b> informed J.N. Tata about his findings. <br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1907:</b> <u><b><br>Sakshi Discovered<br></b></u><b> C. M. Weld and Srinivasa Rao</b> discovered the <b>village of Sakchi</b> at the confluence of two rivers; <b>Subernarekha and Khorkai </b>and the railway station of Sakchi.<br> <b>26 August 1907:<br></b> <u><b>Tata iron and steel floated<br></b></u> Tata Iron &amp; Steel Company was floated.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1908:<br></b> <u><b>Construction began in Sakchi<br></b></u> This year while the first stake was driven at <b>Sakchi,</b> construction of works also began here.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1911:<br></b> <u><b>Blast Furnace began Operation<br></b></u> The<b> first Blast Furnace </b>or the <b>'A' Blast Furnace</b> went into operation successfully.<br> <b>2 Dec 1911:</b><u><b><br>First Pig Iron Produced<br></b></u>The first collieries were obtained this year and the <b>first cast of pig iron </b>was produced<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>16 Feb 1912:<br></b> <u><b>First Steel<br></b></u> The <b>first ingot of steel</b> rolled out of the Sakchi Plant amidst much rejoicing. The Bar Mills commenced rolling in the month of October, the same year.<br> <b>1912:<br></b> <u><b>Eight-hour working day introduced<br></b></u> <b>Eight hour working day</b> was introduced for all labourers - much before it became the official norm the world over.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1914:<br></b> <u><b>Webb Report<br></b></u><b> Sydney Webb Repor</b>t on forming <b>Co-operatives</b> and <b>Medical Service in Jamshedpur</b>.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>21 Jun 1915:<br></b> <u><b>K. M. P. M. School Opened<br></b></u> The first school - known as the <b>K. M. P. M School</b> was opened to bring about upliftment through education.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>2 Jan 1919:<br></b> <u><b>Naming of Jamshedpur and Tatanagar<br></b></u> <b>Lord Chelmsford</b> visited India to rename <b>Sakchi as Jamshedpur</b>, and <b>Kalimati railway station as Tatanagar</b>.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>5 Mar 1920:<br></b> <u><b>Joint Consultation introduced in India<br></b></u> <b>Jamshedpur Labour Association</b> was formed this year and the <b>Principle of Joint Consultation</b> was introduced for the first time in India.<br> <b>1 Jun 1920:<br></b> <u><b>Employee Provident Fund and other Schemes were introduced<br></b></u> For the first time in India, <b>labour welfare schemes</b> like Leave with pay, Workers' Provident Fund Scheme and Workmens' Accident Compensation Scheme introduced.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1 Nov 1921:<br></b> <u><b>Technical Institute of Tata Steel<br></b></u> <b>Jamshedpur Technical Institute of Tata Steel</b> opened with 23 students on the roll.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>8 Aug 1925:<br></b> <u><b>Gandhiji, C. R. Das and C. F. Andrews visited Jamshedpur<br></b></u> <b>Mahatma Gandhi, Chittaranjan Das and C. F. Andrews </b>visited Jamshedpur to discuss labour problems with R. D. Tata.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>12 Sept 1928:<br></b> <u><b>Netaji signed Agreement<br></b></u> Subhash Chandra Bose, President, Jamshedpur Labour Association signed an agreement with N. B. Saklatvala.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1 Nov 1932:<br></b> <u><b>Tisco Review published<br></b></u> <b>Tisco Review</b>, a bilingual in-house magazine commenced publication.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1 Sept 1934:<br></b> <u><b>Profit Sharing Bonus<br></b></u> <b>Profit Sharing Bonus</b> granted for the first time in India boosting <b>labour welfare</b>.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1936:<br></b> <u><b>Sir Jehangir Gandhy - 1st Indian G.M.<br></b></u> Sir Jehangir Gandhy became the first Indian General Manager.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>14 Sept 1937:<br></b> <u><b>Research and Control Laboratory<br></b></u> Research and Control Laboratory was established in September 1937 in Jamshedpur.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>26 Jul 1938:<br></b> <u><b>J. R. D. Tata &#8211; As Chairman<br></b></u> J. R. D. Tata succeeded Sir N. B. Saklatvala as the Chairman of the Company.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1947:<br></b> <u><b>Personnel Department Formed<br></b></u> <b>Personnel Department,</b> the first of its kind in India, was established to steer <b>labour welfare</b>.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>20 Dec 1955:<br></b> <u><b>Two Million Tonne Expansion<br></b></u> Agreement signed with <b>Kaiser Engineers</b> for <b>two million tonne expansion programme</b>.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1956:<br></b> <u><b>Joint Consultations<br></b></u> Joint Consultations for '<b>working together</b>' was introduced.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1 Mar 1958:</b><br> <b><u>Golden Jubilee Celebration</u></b><br> <b>Jubilee Park</b> was dedicated to the Nation on completion of <b>50 years of the Company's existence</b>.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1965:</b><br> <b><u>New Director-in-Charge</u></b><br> <b>Mr. S. K. Nanavati</b> became Director-in-Charge this year. He became the Managing Director of the Company in the year 1970.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1972:</b> <br><b><u>R. S. Pande - Managing Director</u><br></b> Mr. R. S. Pande became Managing Director<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1974:</b> <br><b><u>Russi Mody</u><br></b> Mr. Russi H. Mody became Managing Director.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1976:</B> <br><b><u>Amalgamation with West Bokaro Limited</u><br></b> Tata Steel amalgamated with <b>West Bokaro Limited</b> for <b>Coal Mine Operations</b>.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1979:</b> <br><b><u>TSRDS</u><br></b> The <b>Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS)</b> was set up.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1980:</b> <br><b><u>Modernisation of steel works</u><br></b> Modernisation of the steel works implemented in <b>four phases.</b><br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>17 Jan 1987:</b> <br><b><u>Tata Football Academy established</u><br></b> The <b>Tata Football Academy</b> was established this year to inculcate the spirit of sports and games.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>2 Mar 1991:</b> <br><b><u>Sports Complex Established</u><br></b> J. R. D. Tata dedicated a sprawling <b>multi-crore Sports Complex</b> to the citizens of Jamshedpur.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>26 Jan 1992:</b> <br><b><u>Bharat Ratna<br></u></b> J. R. D. Tata was conferred<b> Bharat Ratna</b> for his contribution to aviation and industry as a whole.<br> <b>21 Jul 1992:</b> <br><b><u>J. J. Irani<br></u></b> Dr. J. J. Irani became Managing Director.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>19 Apr 1993:</b> <br><b><u>Ratan N. Tata &#8211; Chairman<br></u></b> Mr. Ratan N. Tata took over as Chairman from J.R.D. Tata<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>1995:</b> <br><b><u>Capacity Expansion<br></u></b> Achieved <b>3 million tonnes</b> capacity of steel production.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>14 Oct 1997:</b> <br><b><u>Knighthood for J.J. Irani<br></u></b> J. J. Irani was conferred <b>Honorary Knighthood </b>by the Queen of United Kingdom. <br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>26 Jan 2000:</b> <br><b><u>Padma Bhusan for Ratan N. Tata<br></u></b> Ratan N. Tata was conferred <b>Padma Bhusan</b>.<br> <b>24 Apr 2000:</b> <br><b><u>Cold Rolling Mill Complex Commissioned<br></u></b> Inauguration of <b>1.2 million tonnes Cold Rolling Mill Complex </b>as a first step of expansion and modernisation.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>2 Jun 2001:</b> <br><b><u>Jamshedpur Amusement Park Established<br></u></b> <b>Jamshedpur Amusement Park </b>was set up for the citizens of Jamshedpur.<br> <b>22 Jul 2001:</b> <br><b><u>B. Muthuraman &#8211; Managing Director<br></u></b> Mr. B. Muthuraman became Managing Director.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>17 Apr 2002:</b> <br><b><u>Prime Minister's Trophy<br></u></b> Tata Steel was conferred the <b>Prime Minister's Trophy</b> for the <b>Best Integrated Steel Plant for 2000-01</b> for the third consecutive year and four times in all.<br> <b>2 May 2002:</b> <br><b><u>Vision 2007<br></u></b> Vision - 2007 was launched which holds a lot of promise.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>27 Apr 2003:</b> <br><b><u>ASPIRE launched<br></u></b> ASPIRE - the quality journey by Tata Steel along with the one million tonne expansion project was launched.<br> <b>12 Sept 2003:</b> <br><b><u>75 years Completed<br></u></b> Completion of 75 years of Industrial Harmony at Tata Steel celebrated.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>2 Jan 2004:</b> <br><b><u>Acquisition - Indian Steel Wire Products<br></u></b> <b>The Indian Steel Wire Products Company</b> was acquired this year at Jamshedpur.<br> <b>13 Feb 2004:</b> <br><b><u>President of India at Jamshedpur<br></u></b> His Excellency <b>Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam</b>, the President of India visited Jamshedpur to commemorate <b>75 years of Industrial Harmony at Tata Steel</b>.<br> <b>1 Apr 2004:</b> <br><b><u>JUSCO formed</u><br></b> <b>Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company Limited (JUSCO)</b> was established this year.<br> <b>20 Aug 2004:</b> <br><b><u>Agreement Signed</u><br></b> Agreement signed to invest in <b>Natsteel, Singapore</b> and <b>6 million tonne project in Orissa, India</b>.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>4 Jun 2005:</b> <br><b><u>5 million tonne steel plant</u><br></b> Tata Steel signed an MoU for setting up a five-million tonne per annum <b>Greenfield integrated steel plant</b> in the <b>Jagdalpur district of Chhattisgarh</b>.<br> <b>Jul 2005:</b> <br><b><u>Joint Venture</u><br></b> Joint venture with <b>Blue Scope Steel Ltd., Australia</b> for quoted steel manufacturing facility<br> <b>21 Jul 2005:</b> <br><b><u>Agreement with Carborough Downs</u><br></b> Tata Steel acquired stake in the Australian coal mines.<br> <b>Aug 2005:</b> <br><b><u>Sets up with Met Coke Manufacturing</u><br></b> Setting up of <b>Met coke manufacturing facility, West Bengal</b>.<br> <b>20 Aug 2005:</b> <br><b><u>Renewal of land lease</u><br></b> The renewal of land lease happened on August 20, 2005.<br> <b>19 Sept 2005:</b> <br><b><u>12 million tonne Steel Plant</u><br></b> The Government of Jharkhand signed MoUs&nbsp; for setting up a 12-million tonnes per annum Greenfield integrated steel plant in the <b>Manoharpur and Chandil areas of Jharkhand</b> and for doubling the Jamshedpur steel plant capacity to 10 mtpa.<br> <b>14 Dec 2005:</b> <br><b><u>Signed Definitive Agreement</u><br></b> Signed Definitive Agreement with Cementhai Holding Company to acquire share and invest equity in the <b>Milennium Steel, Thailand.</b><br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>20 Feb 2006:</b> <br><b><u>Ground Breaking Ceremony</u><br></b> Ground Breaking Ceremony</b> of the <b>Hooghly Met Coke &amp; Power Company Ltd at Haldia</b>.<br> <b>31 Mar 2006:</b> <br><b><u>World's Best Steel Maker</u><br></b> &quot;<b>World's Best Steel Maker</b>&quot; declared by the <b>World Steel Dynamics (WSD)</b> for the third time.<br> <b>7 Aug 2006:</b> <br><b><u>First Roll Forming and Pre-Engineered Building</u><br></b> Inauguration of <b>First Roll Forming and Pre-Engineered Building Facilities</b> of Tata Bluescope Limited at Pune.<br> <b>22 Aug 2006:</b> <br><b><u>Ferro Chrome Plant Initiated at South Africa</u><br></b> Dy. President of South Africa, unveiled plaque at the <b>Tata Steel KZN (Pty) Limited</b> at <b>Ferro-Chrome Plant site, at Richards Bay, South Africa</b>.<br>&nbsp;</li> <li><b>2 Apr 2007:</b> <br><b><u>Integration of Tata Steel and Corus</u><br></b> Integration of <b>Tata Steel and Corus</b> was accomplished at US $ 12 Billion, making Tata Steel the <b>sixth largest steel producer globally</b> and the <b>second-most geographically diversified steel producer in the world</b>.<br> <b>29 May 2007:</b> <br><b><u>MOU with VSC</u><br></b> Tata Steel signed an MoU with <b>Vietnam Steel Corporation (VSC)</b> to establish a <b>steel complex in Ha Tinh province</b>, over a period of ten years.</li> <li><b>26 Apr 2007:</b> <br><b><u>Centenary Stamp released</u><br></b> Centenary stamp of Tata Steel released.</li> </ul> </font>
100 Years Landmark
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