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Tata Steel Centenary Celebrations
Indian Steel Leaders
Serving the Company with dedication for several years, the leaders today have augmented Tata Steel to the pride position that it is honoured with. Acknowledging their efforts, the company offers its gratitude with due respect and salutation to each one of them.

Board of Directors

Mr. Ratan Tata
Mr. Nusli Neville Wadia
Company Director
Mr. Sam Palia
Company Director
Mr. Suresh Krishna
Financial Institutions' Nominee
Mr. Ishaat Hussain
Board Member
Dr. J. J. Irani
Board Member
Mr. Subodh Bhargava
Board Member
Mr. Jacobus Schraven
Non - Executive Independent Director
Mr. B Muthuraman
Vice Chairman
Mr Andrew Robb
Non Executive Independent Director


Mr. H. M. Nerurkar
Managing Director
Mr. A. D. Baijal
Vice President & Tata Steel Group Director,
Global Mineral Resources
Mr. Koushik Chatterjee
Group CFO, Tata Steel
Mr. Anand Sen
Vice President, Flat Products & TQM
Mr. Abanindra M. Misra
Vice President, Raw Materials & CSI
Mr. Varun K. Jha
Vice President, Engineering and Chattisgarh Project
Mr. Om Narayan
Vice President, Shared Services
Mr. Radhakrishnan Nair
Chief Human Resource Officer
Mr. Partha Sengupta
Vice President, Corporate Services
Mr. H. Jha
Vice President, Safety & Long Products
Mr. N. K. Misra
Vice President & Tata Steel Group Head, M&A
Mr. B. K. Singh
Vice President, Orissa Project
Mr. J. C. Bham
Company Secretary
Mr. H. C. Kharkar
Vice President, MD Office, Mumbai
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