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Tata Steel Centenary Celebrations

Steel Evolution Story

Cold Rolling Complex
1.2 mn tonnes of cold rolling complex

» The Beginning
» The War Years
» Expansion to Two Million Tonnes
» Period between 1960-80
» Steelmaking and casting
» Tata Steel Today

Steelmaking and casting

Major developments in the steelmaking and casting area
includes the following

  • Switchover from duplex and open hearth steelmaking to the oxygen process.
  • Adopting optimum KD vessel configuration (to accommodate the high slag volume as a result of high silicon and phosphorus in hot metal) and use of bottom inert gas agitation.
  • Strategy to make low phosphorus Steel.
  • Improvement of vessel lining life from 160-180 heats to over
    1000 heats
  • Adoption of continuous casting through billet and slab casters.
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