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Tata Steel Centenary Celebrations

Steel Making Process

Way back in 1907 the greatest visionary of all times, Mr. J.N. Tata established India's first Iron and Steel making company and named it the 'Tata Iron and Steel Industry'. The company was established primarily to provide India with a substantial supply of raw material for its industrial usage. Within a few years of establishment, the company took a major bound and established the first ever 'Blast Furnace' in India in 1911. Ever since there has been no looking back, and soon the company became a giant industrial group that spreads its arms not only in India but across several other nations too. The company's journey so far, has been full of events that mark several milestones achievements. Today, the Tata Iron and Steel industry celebrates its glorious hundredth year of existence and fondly looks back at the time when its pioneers saw a dream that they are living even today.

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