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Tata Steel Centenary Celebrations
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Greetings on the occasion of completion of 100 years of success


Tata Steel is one of the memorable mile stone in India. We believe it can beat the world market.Best wishes to it, so that it completes many more centuries. SHANKESH


Best wishes for many more centuries to continue to grow towards globlisation


Best wishes to Tata Steel that it becomes the largest steel company in the world and the pride of India

chandra singh

Sending you a basketful of Good wishes on this occassion and We are proud to be Shareholder of Tata Steel and Best of luck to all employees as well as top officials

Pushpa Kambli

As one of the share holder of the company I hope that TATA STEEL grows more & more .


May God bless the company and it celebrates several 100 years

Tarun Banerjee

I am a mechanic and have tremendous respect for Tata Steel!


Its truly marvellous.


I have always been an ardent admirer of your group from my childhood days. I am a Pastor of Christ Reformed Church yet I do not fail to visit your web page atleast once a week. May you progress, conquering the WORLD and be a GLOBAL brand. Blessings in all your undertakings.

Gilbert Dawson

Congratulations TATA STEEL!!!!

Marcelo Samapaio


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